In safety critical environments, no matter how sophisticated the equipment and processes, it is the people that make all the difference. It is essential that employees have the capacity to understand and work with the systems in a safety critical environment, and that they have an appropriate attitude towards safety.

RADAR will provide information about the overall pattern of an individual’s
capacity to operate appropriately in a safety critical environment,
highlighting areas of strength and areas where development is needed.
Individual developmental suggestions are also provided.

The assessment uses ‘gameification’ to provide the test taker with and enjoyable and engaging experience.  There are 4 different sections to the assessment.


RADAR is based on the latest theories and research in the field of human factors and safety. It is a comprehensive approach to looking at an individual in relation to safety as it assesses cognitive  capacity as well as personality factors.



Understanding risk in safety critical environments

In your safety critical environment it’s essential that you know how your team member will cope, adapt and make decisions.  RADAR provides a psychological assessment of and individual’s personality style in relation to risk, attitude towards risk and his or her capacity to make decisions regarding risk.

The RADAR Model

RADAR assesses four different aspects of the indivOverview targetidual in relation to risk and produces a unique report for each participant. The report includes detailed review of each area, coaching questions to consider the implication of the assessment results in the context of his or her actual job,  and developmental suggestions to help individuals plan their next steps.

Sample Reports


The model underpinning RADAR is based on robust research and combines the best of the current theories of human factors and risk.  Unlike some other assessments that only look at certain aspects of personality, the RADAR assessment takes a more comprehensive look at the individual and includes personality, attitude, decision making and cognitive capacity.

Benefits of using the RADAR

Organisations can use the tool for the development of existing team members to explore their risk profiles and identify gaps that can be addressed through coaching or personal development.

Applying the RADAR  tool can help you to reduce risks by deploying the right staff and developing those at the greatest risk. In short, it should be an integral part of your QHSE people  development strategy.



What Users Say


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A really practical tool which helped my team think about their individual approach to risk.

Alan HSE Manager - Construction sector May 17, 2017

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My team enjoyed the game so much they wanted to keep playing to improve their scores…..a simple but really powerful tool.

Steve QHSE Manager Offshore May 3, 2018


Qualification Training

Get qualified to use RADAR

Qualification training is required to administer and feedback the results of the RADAR, and the good news is that the RADAR qualification process is quick to access and only takes a few hours to complete.  We use a world class e-learning platform to help you learn in an engaging and adaptable way.

There is no pre-requisite to applying for RADAR qualification training; however, having skills in coaching and providing feedback are important for getting the best value from the assessment and for providing meaningful insights for your client.

The qualification training consists of an on-line module followed by an on-line knowledge check.  You will also be required to complete the RADAR assessment yourself and explore your own report.  The course takes approximately 3 hours to complete.

Following successful completion, you will be set up with your own RADAR account from which you can administer the assessment and purchase the PDF reports.

To apply for the qualification training, complete the form below. You will receive an access code for the on-line modules within 3 days, and following completion of the modules and knowledge check you will be sent the links and passwords for your RADAR account.

The cost of the training is only £280 + VAT

Please feel free to get in touch if you would like to discuss your training needs or if you need any more information.