“How do I send the RADAR assessment to my employees?” 
You only need their email addresses and your own user account set up.  We recommend that you send an email or have a discussion with them before sending the link to the assessment so that they know what to expect.

“Who is the RADAR assessment suitable for?”
It is designed for the development of people who are working hands-on in safety-critical environments at all levels.

“Can the RADAR be used for selection and recruitment?”
We envisage the RADAR being suitable for selection and recruitment; however we want to adhere to best practice standards and collect more validity evidence before we recommend it as a selection tool.  At present it is for development, for getting an assessment of the safety climate of an organisation’s workforce, and for coaching.

“How much does a RADAR report cost”
The standard cost for an assessment and report is £30 + VAT.  Bulk discounts can be negotiated.